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This Course is designed to give the user full training on the methods employed by, and the training required to become a Head Door employee, Supervisor or manager.

This Travel Safety Awareness course will enable you to Identify methods of  keeping your belongings and your identity safe, To identify methods by which you can reduce the risk of serious harm throughout the duration of your journey and To understand the additional risks associated with travelling whilst pregnant.

The purpose of this course is to lay a foundation that describes the characteristics, behaviour and uses of CBRN.(chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare)

The overall aim of this module is to understand the key principles of terrorism. This course will enable you to Understand the definition of terrorism, Identify motivating factors of terrorism, Describe the psychological impact of terrorism, Distinguish between types of terrorism.

The central purpose of Cyber Security is to protect and preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. It may also involve protecting and preserving the authenticity and reliability of information and ensuring that entities can be held accountable.

This course is designed for First Responders when facing a potential IED.

Whether a terrorist or criminal act an IED always has an intended purpose, that is to kill or maim, destroy buildings or personal property or simply to harass an individual or individuals through hate, malice, greed, revenge or mischief, and a First responder should know exactly how to handle these scenarios.